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  • Affordable quality service
  • Backup by experienced MBA Group staff
  • Measures practice to industry standards.
  • Administrator success linked to practice performance
  • Emphasis in "hands on " management
  • Active members of the Medical Group Management Association and other professional associations
Compatibility with medical practices:
  • Experienced in staff management and problem solving
  • Familiar with most computer systems.
  • Enhances client control through management systems
  • Optimizes staff development through delegation.
Simplicity/ Reversibility:
  • No formal contractual obligation
  • Three month trial period for management service
  • Short-term, extendible agreement
Cost Effectiveness:
  • All inclusive fee
  • No payroll or benefit expense for administrator or support personnel
  • Revenue increase normally results
  • Regular meetings with physicians or principals
  • Administrators available by pager or phone
  • Consulting support available as backup
  • Utilize standard operating procedures
  • Projects are planned and organized
  • Team effort and backup support
  • Emphasize continuing education and training
Failure Consequences:
  • Practice has limited or no financial investment
  • Can revert to traditional employee/employer arrangement


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